Do You Need a Personalized Physician?

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How Personalized Medicine Works

Personalized medicine, also known as concierge medicine, is a relatively new concept of medical care in which patients sign up for a membership to a physician practice. In exchange for a monthly or annual fee, the patient is guaranteed certain levels of access, and the knowledge they will see physicians within a reasonable time frame.

Though the stereotype of concierge medicine is of a doctor rushing out to make house calls, the avaialble of the doctor is actually only one small part of the equation. The most important service, in many concierge doctors’ eyes, is the ability to develop an ongoing relationship between the doctor and the patient.

One of the most popular San Francisco concierge medicine services, for example, is, which operates a large practice through the SF Bay area, including both the city and the East Bay.

Their vision is to provide a comprehensive medical service that allows patients to get to know their doctors, and find consistency with their personal medical treatment.

Compared to other physician services and the inaccessibility of many doctors these days, this level of care commands a strong premium over “traditional” family practices.

Those premiums can run up to several hundred dollars a month, and this membership-style setup typically includes all standard care for the course of the year, but does not include any specialist work needed, for example x-rays, CAT scans, or bloodwork.

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Do You Need A Concierge Doctor?

At the end of the day, is this the new hot trend you absolutely must grab on to?

Yes and no. There are certainly major benefits for hiring a private physician group as your personal doctor, but it is by no means necessary.

For many patients, the retainer is a small price to pay to know that they will be able to see a trusted face if and when the need arises, and that’s a level of security that is worth it.

If you can’t afford the premiums however, you shouldn’t feel like you’re getting second class medical care by going to a hospital. Remember, all of the physicians are trained by the same standards, regardless of whether you’re in the ER or the comfort of a private practice.


The Need to Monitor Supplement Intake for Athletes

workout supplementationOne issue we see constantly has to do with athletic supplements, and whether or not users should take them consistently.

While there’s no single answer that can apply to everyone, and anyone considering starting a supplement regimen should consult with a dietician, nutritionist, or physician before starting, there are a few rules of thumb that you can follow when thinking about whether or not a supplement program is right for you.

How Much Do You Exercise?

The first question you should consider is how much you exercise. This should be answered both in terms of the number of times per week you workout, as well as the length and vigor of your workouts.

If you’re not vigorously working out (in an anaerobic state) more than 3 times per week, chances are that supplements might not be right for you. Whereas if you’re hitting the weights 5 or 6 times a week, and working out for an hour or more, on average, then perhaps they’re something to consider.

What Type of Workout Do You Do?

Once you’ve established that you are working out enough to justify starting a supplementation stack, you should also consider what type of workout you’re focusing on.

In general, supplementation procedures are best suited for people who are working out with strength and muscle building programs. If you’re focus is on aerobic workouts, like running or swimming, then supplementaiton is less common. If you’re lifting seriously though, or following a program like Crossfit, then supplementation is all be obligatory.

Visit crossfit supplements guide to learn more about choosing the right stack for you.

What Is Your End Goal?

Finally, it’s important to think about what your end goal is for your fitness program. Supplement stacks are designed for athletes that are looking to significantly improve performance. That generally means bulking up, not slimming down.

If your goal for working out is to lose weight, then chances are these programs aren’t going to align with your personal goal. If you want to build muscle, or compete in more advanced levels of your chosen sport, then it’s something you might want to try.

Read more about supplement types from tha FDA.

Cellectronic Vistage Treatment

marie katelleMK Cellectronic-Visage Treatment uses micro-currents of MK Cellectronic unit combined with the botanical principles of specific plants. This facial treatment is particularly effective in the following cases:

 Dark circles
 Blotches
 Broken capillaries
 Wrinkles and fine lines
 Pimples & acne prone skin
 Pigment marks
 Loss of facial tone
 Enlarged pores
 Uneven or rough skin texture

The skin is successively cleansed, nourished, and toned during in a 3-Phase treatment: (follow the links below to learn more about each phase)

Phase 1: Detoxication

During this phase, skin cells are stimulated, expel toxins, re-establish potassium-sodium exchange and re-oxygenate. Toxins, black heads, and impurities are eliminated. The skin is moisturized and cleansed.

Phase 2: Nutrition

The previous deep cleansing and toxin elimination allows the botanical proteins and nutrients present in MK Cellules Visage to penetrate rapidly and efficiently throughout the skin.

Phase 3: Tonification

During this phase, the most dramatic and noticeable changes are seen. The outlines of the face are slowly remodeled, strengthened, and naturally lifted. In ten sessions, the Cellectronic-Visage method restores the face’s tonicity and natural firmness. These results are cumulative and acquired.

After a Cellectronic-Visage treatment the skin is highly freshened. Make-up and sunscreen may be applied immediately.


Body energy balance has a very important effect on the qualities of the skin and the general appearance of the body.
The combination of plants and micro-currents from the Cellectronic Energie unit produce results by increasing energy, detoxifying and balancing of the body.

Body Energy treatment is a non invasive treatment and does not affect the structure or functions of the human body.

Benefits noted reported after the first few treatments:

 Skin re-balancing
 Skin oxygenation
 Lymphatic drainage
 Progressive elimination of fatigue
 Hair loss reduction
 Relaxation of the person
 Energy restored

Upon completion of the recommended treatments:
 Skin, nails and hair are more beautiful
 The client is less fatigued and has heightened energy
 A positive state of mind is restored
 Stress is reduced


This treatment is recommended in cases of localized accumulation of fat or cellulite. It is designed to reduce the “orange peel” appearance of the skin and to get a thinner silhouette.

Cellulite is thought to be mainly a woman’s problem, often inherited, and linked to hormonal changes. Even if overweight and lack of muscle tone are increasing factors, cellulite can also be seen on active and thin women. Accumulated fat in the mesh of collagen fibers, toxins accumulation and related deficient fluids drainage create alternate bumpy and dimpled areas that require specific treatment.

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